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Studies & Research

Cannabidiol in Medicine: Treating Anxiety, Insomnia, & Chronic Pain with Formula30A Full Spectrum CBD

As a company that produces products with the highest purity and standards, Formula30A has become a leader in physician-directed, premium quality cannabinoid supplementation. In addition to these profound product benefits, Formula30A as an organization believes that continuously seeking new horizons in knowledge surrounding cannabinoids is essential for wellness. These three studies are proof of that quest. 

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At Formula30A, we believe strongly in the quality and efficacy of our products - but belief alone is not enough to meet the stringent requirements of the Medical Community. That is why our Medical Advisory Board plans, implements, and analyzes studies using our specific formulations. 

Comments from Our Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Daniel Melville

Dr. Daniel Melville, M.D.

In collaborating with these healthcare providers, we pooled our patients in an observational study that yielded results supporting the hypotheses that Formula30A CBD was a safe and effective adjunct to other health strategies for so many health conditions, but particularly in regards to sleep, anxiety, and pain improvements...My own anecdotal experiences with patients, merged with the results from the observational trials, have given me more confidence to initiate Formula30A CBD on a more consistent basis and in more first-line lifestyle modification protocols.

Dr. Cory Rice

Dr. Cory Rice, D.O.

My professional clinical opinion is that there is absolutely a role for Formula30A in clinical medicine. The myriad of benefits conferred by CBD are irrefutable. Specific to this study, it’s quite clear that Formula30A has profound benefits in the anxiety, insomnia and pain populations… even with the inherent limitations of a case observational open label study. The fact that these study findings mimic what we see in our medical practices only further validates the clinical applicability of Formula30A CBD capsules. Given the systemic influence of the endocannabinoid system (and subsequently CBD) I am optimistic about further studies to assess for clinical efficacy in other chronically ill patient populations. 

Mary Becton-Crouse, NP

Mary Becton-Crouse, N.P.

Formula30A has been a key component in my practice to keep patients off benzodiazepines and lowering doses of rescue meds. It has been helpful in keeping patients with lower levels of anxiety off SSRIs as well. It has improved their ability to go to sleep by lowering their overall anxiety. Anxiety is a condition that I frequently see in my office and has been difficult to treat due to side-effects of medications, lack of compliance, and the slow response to the SSRIs (typically 6 weeks to get therapeutic levels). Formula30A showed a major improvement in the first week.

Dr. George Branning

Dr. George Branning, M.D.

I have had several patients report improvements of nagging pains while on Formula30A for other indications. As a gynecologist, I was particularly interested in those patients who mentioned that their dysmenorrhea seemed subjectively better. No PADT testing was done prior to, or after these anecdotal statements. Further research into the literature revealed that there are significant numbers of CB receptors in the female reproductive tract, including the nerve fibers within ectopic endometrial implants (endometriosis/adenomyosis). I am interested to make Formula30A a first line, foundational therapy for patients with these maladies, along with good nutrition, reducing sugar, and reducing inflammation. 

72.5% average decrease in GAD7 Scores after 8 weeks of treatment with Formula30A

Key Findings

64.3% average decrease in ISI Scores after 8 weeks of treatment with Formula30A
41.7% avg. decrease in PADT Average Pain and 39.2% in Max Pain after 8 weeks of Formula30A
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