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10 Ways Patients Use CBD Balm to Find Relief

Given the wide range of cannabidiol’s potential therapeutic benefits, there are consequently nearly as many ways to formulate a product to address patients’ needs. Topical applications, in particular, provide excellent support to orally ingested CBD capsules for targeted symptom relief. Formula30A’s recently released CBD Infused Balm is all natural, and contains the same premium quality full spectrum cannabinoids as our CBD capsules - (It’s now available in an easy-to-use twist-up applicator - see the new look in the Provider Store).

We asked our community of Medical Providers how they are implementing Formula30A Balm into their practices, and the treatment protocols they are developing with their patients. Here are 10 ways the medical community is using Formula30A CBD Infused Balm to help their patients find symptom relief:

  1. Irritation from Mask Wearing: With the need to protect ourselves from airborne diseases comes unintended side effects, such as inflammation, soreness, and skin abrasions from prolonged use of face masks. To help alleviate the symptoms, our physicians recommend applying a thin layer of CBD Balm on areas prone to rubbing and infection due to extended mask wearing. Additionally, balm can be applied behind the ears and around the temporal bone (the area of your head just behind your ears) to help provide relief from the continuous pressure and rubbing of mask straps.

  2. Headaches & Migraines: In addition to using Formula30A Full Spectrum Hemp Extract capsules orally, apply the balm to your temples, back of the neck and forehead. These points often hold tension and inflammation that can increase headache pain. Our physicians recommend doing this multiple times a day. You can also apply the balm on your upper lip, under your nose, for the aromatherapy relaxation effects of the lavender and other natural oils as the balm absorbs.

  3. Injections & Vaccines: Dr. Michael Jelinek, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist and Formula30A Medical Advisor, applies the balm to the injection site to minimize pain and inflammation after the COVID-19 vaccinations. You can do this with any injection, to minimize post-injection pain and inflammation. Once the injection site has stopped any bleeding and formed a clot, apply balm to the site and surrounding tissue. Lightly rub it in, taking extra care near the injection site, allowing the balm to absorb into the skin.

  4. Texting Thumbs: Due to constant use of cell phones for communication, we use our thumbs more frequently than ever. Apply Formula30A balm to your thumbs and joints to provide yourself with relief from those repetitive movements. Additionally, for relief from extended keyboard and mouse use, massage balm into the web of your hand (between your thumb and index finger) and to the top part of your forearm just below the elbow (hold out your arm and with your palm toward the ceiling, apply balm to the outside edge of your forearm that your thumb is pointing towards).

  5. Back Aches: Backs are a common area of pain for patients for a number of reasons. Whether it is due to work around the house or pushing oneself in exercise. Applying the balm in the area of the lower and upper back, before and after any strenuous exercise, will help prevent those spasms. If your back ache has already started, apply balm liberally to the problem areas and massage thoroughly into the skin while working out any muscle tension. Our twist-up applicator makes it even easier to find relief for muscle ache and tension, as you can apply pressure with the applicator rather than just your hands.

  6. Neck & Shoulder Pain: Patients complain of neck and shoulder pain most often. With the stress and tension contributing to tight neck and shoulder tightness, applying the balm to that region of the neck may provide substantial relief. Patients spend many hours a day on computers, so applying the balm to that area every day, before the “pain in the neck” even starts, is a great way to start your day! Apply balm to the neck and shoulders, following along the paths of the muscles in the area. We recommend accompanying balm application with a neck and shoulder stretch (and a posture check - how’s your posture as you read this?)

  7. Arthritis & Stiff Joints: Apply a liberal amount of Formula30A Balm and massage into your joints. We know how it is important to move your joints, but pain usually makes that recommendation difficult to achieve. By applying Formula30A to your joints a few times during the day, you will get the relief you are looking for, while the act of massaging it in provides the movement that so many doctors recommend.

  8. Subcutaneous Pellet Insertions: Many patients love bioidentical hormone pellets. But for male insertions, the trauma of inserting 200mg pellets - sometimes as many as a dozen at a time - can be painful initially. Most doctors recommend an ice pack to relieve the inflammation and pain. Our Medical Advisors, who all provide Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and use pellets, found this to be a game changer. Post-pelleting, they apply the balm to the area where the male pellets would land under the skin (not on the incision point). Our doctors apply the balm at the clinic and then place an ice pack over the top. They then send the male patients home with a tin and instruct the patient to apply the balm in the area several times a day, until inflammation and pain subsides.

  9. Carpal Tunnel & Tarsal Tunnel: The pain, the pain! According to Dr. Ariel Rosado, MD of Puerto Rico, his wife suffered with Tarsal Tunnel and nothing they did, including steroid shots, provided her relief. After just one application of CBD Balm to her feet, she found relief she hadn’t experienced since her debilitating pain started. Apply the balm on and around pain points and joints, and massage into skin. The new twist-up applicators are particularly helpful because they are easy to hold and don’t require the pressure of your other fingers to rub the balm into the skin.

  10. Menstrual Pain: Several of our physicians report that applying the balm to the abdominal area during premenstrual cramps has helped patients alleviate the pain. Dr. George Branning, MD of Texas Gynecology has a great explanation as to why this works for so many of his patients. According to research on the Endocannabinoid System, there is a concentration of CB2 receptors in all the female reproductive organs. It was also found that women using the Formula30A Full Spectrum Hemp Extract capsules reported similar results. Apply the balm liberally to the lower abdomen and any other locations where menstrual pain and tension commonly occur. Combine with a hot water bottle applied to the lower abdomen while the balm absorbs for additional relief.

Remember that Formula30A topical products, in addition to being pure, clean and simple, are also oil-based with no added (or removed) coloring. This means that there is potential for excess balm that has not been absorbed to stain fabrics and other materials. Make sure to massage balm in deliberately so that it doesn’t stain your favorite blouse or shirt!

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