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What Practitioners Should Know About CBD

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

CBD is the abbreviation for the compound Cannabidiol and it is one of 113 identified phytocannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp. There is good evidence that it has potential benefit to a wide range of systems in our body because it exerts its effect through the body’s endocannabinoid system. We’ve all heard of our body’s cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, and so forth, but did you know your body also has an endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system was identified in the 1992 by Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli organic chemist and professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. Studying the effects of cannabis since the 60’s, Dr. Mechoulam ascertained that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) interacts with the largest receptor system in the human body, the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

He then found that the human brain produces its very own Cannabis-like substance, a chemical they named "anandamide" after the Sanskrit word ananda, meaning “bliss”. Anandamide exerts positive effects on mood, memory, brain function and pain, but it is rapidly inactivated by an enzyme (FAAH) making its effect short lived. CBD actually inhibits the action of the enzyme FAAH so that the body’s naturally made anandamide continues to be active, prolonging the positive effect on mood, memory, brain function and pain relief.

Our body’s ECS has at least two major receptors, CB 1 and CB 2, and also produces other endocannabinoids beside anandamide. The CB 1 receptors are typically found in the brain and throughout the nervous system while CB 2 receptors are primarily found in the immune system. Consequently, we can see why CBD oil is touted to treat illnesses from A to Z…acne, allergy, anxiety, epilepsy, pain, etc.

The Good Ol' Days

Remember the old days of going to the gas station and an attendant came out to provide "full service" (i.e. fill the tank, wash the windows, and check the oil)? Inevitably, the question was raised, “Will that be regular or high test [premium] gasoline?” That experience no longer exists, but a similar choice does regarding CBD Oil as it relates to the choice of isolate or full spectrum.

What is THC?

CBD oil contains a number of different cannabinoids, as well as essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids, but may also contain other active components such as flavonoids and terpenes. THC, the psychoactive component in hemp, is found in higher concentrations in products designed for use such as medical marijuana.

CBD Isolate: "Regular"

The pure CBD isolate variety has absolutely no THC. The CBD isolate also does not contain the additional flavonoids and terpenes so it could be equated to the “regular” gasoline. The pure CBD isolate variety definitely provides benefit to the endocannabinoid system of the body, as we discussed previously: acne, allergy, anxiety, epilepsy, pain, etc.

CBD Full Spectrum: "Premium"

The “high test” (premium) variety of CBD oil, called "full spectrum," does contain these additional active components of flavonoids and terpenes, all working together to provide enhancement called the “entourage effect.” Since the full spectrum variety contains these additional active components, it can also have trace amounts of the psychoactive THC.

However, all full spectrum products available outside of the medical and recreational hemp realm, by law have less than 0.3% THC and therefore have no psychoactive effects on a person, though may possibly result in a positive THC drug screen.

For those not exposed to a potential drug screen, the full spectrum variety of CBD oil may provide a more robust benefit as the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes work synergistically to enhance and broaden the benefit.

The Five Questions Game

So now that you know the difference between regular and premium (isolate and full spectrum), you should be ready to select the product that best suits your situation. My email inbox is inundated with so many different brands and I suspect yours is, too. To help ensure you select a product that delivers potency, purity, and quality these five questions will provide the information you need to make a wise decision.

  1. How is the hemp grown? Industrial hemp grows quickly and is a hardy plant with the ability to absorb a high percentage of the nutrients in the soil in which it is planted. As a result, soil quality has a direct impact on the quality of hemp-based products, as plants will also absorb any soil contaminants such as lead, cadmium, and selenium. As a result, Formula30A only sources industrial hemp from farms in Colorado and Oregon that do not use herbicides, pesticides, or harmful chemical fertilizers. Their high standards for grower quality ensure that the product you receive is safe and effective.

  2. How is the hemp oil processed? In the CBD industry today, there are a variety of extraction methods to get from leafy green plants to pure, usable CBD oil. Some of these methods are safe and effective, while others use harsh chemicals and other contaminants that can make their way into the end products. Formula30A uses a patented, all-natural process to extract CBD oil for their products using purely natural inputs. This water-based, solvent-free extraction method does not introduce harmful chemicals into the products and uses technology that has been available to humans since the ancient Egyptians. Unlike other methods, production of Formula30A also never crosses the 0.3% THC threshold at any point in the process. This allows them to provide safe, legal, high-quality CBD products free from chemicals and contaminants.

  3. Is the hemp oil tested? Quality and purity are of the utmost importance for every product that Formula30A offers. To ensure that every milligram of oil they sell meets their high standards, products are tested by qualified third-party laboratories twice in the production process. Each batch of CBD Oil is tested for potency and purity directly after extraction. Their products are then third-party tested again after encapsulation, ensuring that what is put in their bottles matches the label on the front. They also track the Certificate of Analysis from the laboratory to each bottle shipped, so that they know the quality of each and every product they sell.

  4. How much CBD is in it? The potency of CBD products is vital to their success in providing health benefits to patients, as is knowing how much to take in order to achieve desired outcomes. Formula30A offers products in 25mg dosages that are third-party tested to ensure a minimum CBD potency for each capsule. In order to better determine individual dosing, Formula30A is only available for purchase through qualified physicians, provided at their guidance. As there is confusion in the general CBD market about patient dosing to achieve desired effects, Formula30A is also running ongoing clinical dosing studies designed to meet FDA standards. They are running these studies in order to measure outcomes in patients using CBD and provide industry-first guidance to medical professionals on Formula30A dosages for specific ailments.

  5. What other ingredients are used? CBD oil products are often diluted with other ingredients to achieve the required milligrams of CBD per milliliter of the total product. Some products also include additional flavorings, additives, and other potentially harmful ingredients. Formula30A CBD oil products contain only what is on the label: all-natural hemp CBD extract and organic coconut oil in vegan capsules. Their ingredients are entirely natural, and they never use any additives or chemicals to guarantee the highest quality product on the market.

So, if CBD Oil would benefit you and your patients, check out a product’s safety, quality, and value using these five questions. Or just order Formula30A from their website and be confident in making a wise choice for health!


Dr. Johnny Bryant graduated from Asbury College in 1975 and The Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1979. Following a medical internship at Akron City Hospital, he completed his Ob-Gyn residency in 1984 at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Bryant practiced as board certified by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist for 16 years in Ohio and 14 years in Kentucky before moving to the greater Nashville area in the summer of 2014. He and his wife, Joyce, established their Restore Hormonal Vitality and Wellness Center practice to be a tool for the restoration of men and women, promoting total wellness of body, mind and soul.


Johnny Bryant, M.D.

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