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A Letter to Providers from Dr. Robin Hall, D.O.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Dear fellow provider:

Hopefully by now, all of us are on the same page with regards to the urgency and seriousness of this COVID-19 pandemic. Our patients are looking to us for guidance because of the conflicting reports in the media. Many of them already know someone with the illness or that has died from it.

Rather than debate any specifics about the virus itself, there is one thing we can all agree on. These are very anxiety producing times for our patients, both medically and economically. Patients that may not have historically exhibited anxiety, are experiencing it now. We must educate them that anxiety increases inflammation and that inflammation lowers their immune response to toxins such as this virus.

As we know, anxiety can adversely affect sleep. Lack of sleep also reduces the immune response. Many individuals tend to drink more alcohol when anxious. Again, the alcohol reduces the immune response by making the body more acidic and interrupts sleep. Before one realizes it, there is a spiraling down of the immune system response. Obviously encouraging exercise, healthy eating, reducing alcohol and caffeine intake are important, but there are other suggestions we can offer.

One of the ways we can empower our patients is to educate them on the benefits of CBD. Let them know that CBD has been shown to:

  • Soothe anxiety

  • Promote restful sleep

  • Decrease inflammation

All the things we need to help us boost our immune system! A recent study out of the University of Queensland in Australia even asserts that CBD may help kill bacteria and viruses! We should not indicate that CBD is a cure, but it is a useful adjunct in helping our patients avoid succumbing to COVID-19 or any other bacterial or viral illness that may come their way.

I recommend Formula30A to all my patients who demonstrate the least bit of anxiety during these unprecedented times to use in addition to lifestyle modifications. I started recommending it before the COVID 19 issue ever started and have found it to be very effective.

To your health,

Robin A. Hall, D.O.

Board Certified, Family Medicine

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